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Doula Services

A  team of 2 doulas offering support through pregnancy and birth.


Maéva  @HypnoDoulaMaeva & TheBabyWagon found her passion when she trained to become a hypnotist in 2009. She decided to become a childbirth educator in 2012 and embarked on doula work when her first clients asked her to support them during labor. She trained with Marie Mongan founder of HypnoBirthing, Gail Tully founder of Spinning Babies and Penny Simkin founder of DONA . Drawing from her doula and hypnosis experience she has developed her own online childbirth preparation classes called Confident Birth.


Garance (The French Midwife) is a trained midwife, certified in France and the UK. She moved to New York in 2022 and has been working as a Doula and a Pelvic Floor therapist since. During her 8 years working as a midwife in hospitals in France and London, Garance has delivered over 500 babies. She is familiar with several methods of relaxation such as haptonomy, sophrology and discovered hypnobirthing during her semester in London. She is trained in spinning babies, breastfeeding support and pelvic floor therapy.

When she arrived in New York, unable to work as a midwife, she learned to use her midwifery skills to help couples in their birth experience Thanks to Maeva’s mentorship, Garance has developed her ability to help women in labor through hypnobirthing and mindfulness. 


Together, they strive to empower people to make birthing choices that work for them and their families, joining their knowledge to better serve their clients. 


Their doula package includes: 

  • Birth prep with Maéva:  Access to her online class Confident Birth based on Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness.

  • Spinning Babies to help your baby get in an ideal position: 1 home visit with Maéva and Garance 

  • Fear release session: 1 Zoom with Maéva 

  • Attendance at the birth: one of them will come to your house and help you determine when is a good time to go to the hospital, help you advocate for your birth preferences and guide you through the hospital protocols.

  • Postpartum support: 1 pp visit at day 3 (or if possible the day you come back from the hospital) by either of them to process the birth and help you get set up. 2 other visits with Garance to check on you, breastfeeding and anything else you need help with. Continuous support via text through the pregnancy and 4th Trimester.

  • Pelvic floor prep and recovery: 1 visit by Garance during your pregnancy to teach you adequate pelvic floor exercises as well as how to push. Pelvic floor recovery sessions as an add-on.

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